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Kittens for sale

The „K" litter of kittens was born in cattery on 27 June


If you wish to pre-order a kitten please contact me by email! 

(look at my page contacts)



Kristell and Korado. On the photo kittens are 6 weeks old.


Kitten‘s status:


BOOKED – someone is concerned with the kitten, the negotiation is in a process, but the deposit is not yet paid, possibly will be on the sale later.
RESERVED – the deposit for the kitten was paid.
WATCHED BY THE CATTERY – the kitten is being observed, possibly will be on the sale later.
AVAILABLE  – the kitten is on the sale.
SOLD – the kitten was sold.





Sex Status


    Kristell of Žydroji fėja*LT


female stays in the cattery


     Korado of Žydroji fėja*LT


male reserved


The kitten is announced being reserved, only when the

agreed non-refundable deposit was paid!


Father of kittens:


WCH. Silver of Zydroji feja*LT


Kitten Champion


Junior Champion


World Champion


Best young male cat LGAC 2016


Best in Breed Lithuania 2016

Best Kitten in breed Lithuania 2016


Best Junior in breed Lithuania 2016


Best adult male cat LGAC 2017


Best Adult in breed Lithuania 2017


Best in breed Lithuania 2017



Mother of kittens:


ICH. Charovnitsa Jasno Solnyshko


Kitten Champion


Junior Champion


 International Champion






1. Every cat which live in cattery or born there must be like a memeber of family.


2. Money is no the most important thing. The cattery very responsibly looking for new breeder.


3. We are holding strict breeding rules. We have no kittens without pedigree or documents!


4. Kittens for breeding is sold just for cattery of good reputation or acquainted .


5. Every kittens which is sold "non breeding" is sterilized before they leave cattery (spaying/sterilisation is not included in the kittens cost).


6. All the kittens from our cattery go away to their new home not earlier than at the age of 15 weeks, dewormed, vaccinated, with a health passport and the sales contract, socially adapted, trained to use a toilet and nail scratching post. 


7. All the time we are ready to communicate and collaborate with new guardians who have bought kittens from our cattery.


Litter "K"